Lake Central revamps Bushbull RJ-3500

Lake Central Products LLC introduces an updated RJ-3500 bushing removal tool that removes and reinstalls all bushings on 2"-3" Series 11, 17, and 22; along with 3"-4" Series 32, 35, 43, 48, and 58 Roper, Midland, and Ranger PGD pumps.

This tool is easy to assemble and is designed to use with either a 1/2" or 3/4" drive impact wrench, which dramatically speeds up the removal and reinstallation of all the bronze, steel, teflon and carbon bushings to 15-20 minutes. It saves time and money, making it cost-effective to rebuild PDG pumps, rather than throwing them away. It is built with quality hardened materials.

When reinstalling new bushings, Lake Central's three-tier arbor installs them straight, at the proper depth inside the bore hole automatically, and within the manufacturer specifications. This takes out the guesswork as to whether the new bushings are installed correctly. For more details, e-mail David Flaherty at [email protected].

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