IDC implements in-cab scanning systems

Interstate Distributor Co. (IDC), a transportation services provider, is integrating DriverTech DTScan in-cab scanning systems into its fleet. By using DTScan, the company can:

  • Offset rapid fuel price increases by speeding up the billing process and accelerating cash flow.

  • Eliminate wait time — paperwork is delivered within minutes versus hours or days. The company doesn't have to wait for the documents to be scanned or mailed.

  • Provide driver convenience — drivers can scan at time of load delivery.

  • Eliminate transactional scanning charges.

  • Increase customer satisfaction — customers can bill faster with instant proof of delivery.

DTScan is a production-level scan-and-capture technology for truck cabs using Visioneer OneTouch scanners with Kofax VRS technology. The intuitive, easy-to-use system provides “Forms Recognition Friendly” documents that meet professional imaging standards at a reduced image size, thereby resulting in smaller data transmissions and faster processing into integrated back office enterprise systems.

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