Hoyer GmbH expands gas logistics operations

Hoyer GmbH has launched a massive expansion of its global gas logistics business and has ordered an additional 200 ultramodern gas tank containers. Its investment amounts to more than eight million euros.

By the middle of 2013, the company’s fleet of gas tank containers will total 700 units, consolidating Hoyer’s position as one of the world’s leading service providers in this highly sophisticated market, according to company officials.

The new 20-foot tank containers feature a very low empty weight of less than eight tonnes (17,636 pounds), maximizing the available payload capacity and thereby markedly increasing the efficiency of gas transport operations. One hundred fifty of the gas tank containers are designed for transporting gases liquefied under pressure (such as the refrigerant R-134a, butene, ammonia, or propane), whereas 50 will be used for gases liquefied at low temperatures (such as nitrogen, argon, oxygen, or nitrous oxide).

The newly built containers are needed especially to support the growing overseas transport operations at Hoyer’s sites in the Middle East, Russia, and China, a business that has developed very favorably in recent months, according to Hoyer officials. Customers profit from the fact that Hoyer is able to offer gas transport services and equipment, all from a single source.

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