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Espar develops heater products for less engine idling

Espar Heater Systems, a manufacturer of anti-idling technologies, has introduced new heater products designed to “reduce idling costs, improve comfort for drivers, minimize complexity for service technicians, and provide optimum value for truck owners,” the company said.

The Hybernator, available in both on-frame and in-frame models, is a complete heating system that provides engine-off heat to the cab, truck engine, and fuel system.

It works as a coolant heater that circulates the existing engine coolant through the heater's heat exchanger and on through a fuel heat exchanger, preheating the engine, fuel, and sleeper. This system uses the truck's own diesel fuel and an additional battery that comes as part of the system.

Heating output is 8,200 to 17,000 BTU/hr, using between 0.08 to 0.16 gallons per hour (gal/h).

Espar's new Baire Necessity is a portable heating system that allows drivers to stay warm in any truck without the permanent installation of a bunk heater.

Drivers can take this system as they move from truck to truck, and freight terminals can supply them to drivers for temporary no-idle heating.

The self-contained unit fits into a truck door window and gets its 12-volt power from the cigarette lighter.

The unit measures 12.2-by-4.5-by-4.8 inches and weighs 6 pounds. Heating output is 2,900 to 7,500 BTU/hr using on 0.026 to 0.06 gal/h.

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