Blackmer donates TLGLF equipment as part of cancer awareness campaign

Blackmer has continued its participation in the campaign to raise breast cancer and prostate cancer awareness by donating TLGLF3 sliding vane pumps and bypass valves for use on two LPG propane trucks owned and operated by Heritage Propane.

Heritage Propane, based in Tulsa OK, has partnered with Propane Trucks & Tanks of Apex NC to build the trucks and help raise money and awareness for breast and prostate cancer. Together the partnership has raised approximately $15,000 for the campaign. Heritage Propane has also committed to donating a portion on every sale of propane fuel while these trucks are in service.

Brand-new Heritage Propane bobtails, built by Propane Trucks & Tanks that feature donated TLGLF3 pumps and bypass valves from Blackmer, are expected to raise money and awareness for breast and prostate cancer for years to come.

TLGLF sliding vane pumps are designed to flange-mount directly to a commercial internal control valve, in combination with the tank of a bobtail or transport. Direct mounting eliminates the needs for inlet pipes, shut-off valve, and external strainer, which can restrict flow and cause vaporization problems. The TLGLF3 is widely used on bobtails because of its compact mounting arrangement, with a 3-inch ANSI intake flange and 2-inch auxiliary intake and discharge ports. Capacities range from 60 to 110 U.S. gpm (227 to 416 lpm). Blackmer TLGLF pumps feature noise suppression liners. This patented technology reduces noise at its source by reducing the amount of cavitation in the pump.

Blackmer differential bypass valves are designed to protect pumps and system components from excessive pressure damage. Blackmer offers five different models that provide full-flow pressure control to 250 U.S. gpm (946 lpm) at 120 psid (8.27 Bar). For more information, phone 616-248-9252 or e-mail Tom Stone at [email protected].

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