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Battery-powered HVAC system upgraded

Dometic has introduced a new upgraded battery-powered auxiliary air-conditioning system for day cabs. The day-cab HVAC unit was created in response to a growing demand for cost-effective solutions to reduce idling while waiting to load and unload at terminals.

Based on Dometic's patented split-system HVAC technology, the 7,000-Btu day cab air-conditioning system provides two hours of cooling without running the truck's engine. It uses a bank of Group 31 absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries, which replaces the truck's existing batteries. Since the system emits no exhaust, it fully complies with CARB regulations.

The Dometic air-conditioning system consists of a compressor/evaporator/blower unit that fits between the seats, and an external condensing unit that mounts on the back of the cab or under the truck. The inside unit has a newly designed molded composite cover to protect the unit from spills and to provide noise abatement. It also includes additional multi-directional air vents for maximum comfort. The digital thermostat control panel is mounted on top of the unit for easy driver access. Inside and outside units are connected by flexible refrigerant linesets with reusable quick-connect fittings, which are designed to provide automatic charging to the correct pressures at hookup. No additional charging is needed, and no special tools are required for installation.

The Dometic turnkey package includes a 2,000-watt inverter that converts 12-volt battery output to 115-volt AC power to run the air-conditioner, and a powerful 270-amp alternator/regulator. Access for more details.

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