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Bandag tire Bridgestone

Bandag BRSS retread offers optimized tread design for extended wear life, durability

Bridgestone Americas Inc announced a new addition to its existing lineup of Bandag retread offerings. The Bandag BRSS all-position retread is designed for fleets that work in on and off-road environments, from pavement to dirt and gravel.

Engineered for long wear life on multiple surfaces, the Bandag BRSS retread is a reliable solution for fleets looking to extend tire life and capitalize on the full performance potential of tire casings, according to Bridgestone officials.

“Severe service fleets experience many conditions on their route, which is why we designed a retread offering that fits the needs of fleets in on/off highway applications,” said LaTres Jarrett, director of marketing, Bandag, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. “The Bandag BRSS retread is a comprehensive solution that is versatile enough to perform across a variety of challenging applications, from logging to oil refining to construction, and deliver reliable performance regardless of the landscape.”

Key features of the Bandag BRSS retread include:

  • A deep tread of 20/32″ for extended wear life;  
  • A specialized compound engineered to resist chipping and cutting; and
  • An optimized tread design to discourage stone retention.

To learn more about the Bandag BRSS retread, click here.

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