ATRO expands product offerings for Freightliner, Neway, Volvo suspensions

In a continued effort to meet customer needs, ATRO Engineered Systems has expanded their aftermarket parts on three key suspensions--the Freightliner TufTrac, Neway ADZ, and Volvo T-Ride.

“Through innovative design and engineering, ATRO continues to provide solutions for heavy trucks,” said Leslie Brock, executive vice-president at ATRO. “Whether it’s these new suspensions or a longstanding suspension, ATRO looks to offer the finest parts to get your truck back on the road and stay on the road longer.”

Freightliner TufTrac:

• Upper & Lower Spring Pads with updated designs for stress reduction, durability and ride quality

• Complete Torque Rods and Replacement Bushings featuring ATRO’s rotating pin design for easier installation

Neway ADZ:

• Complete V-Rod Assemblies

• Individual V-Rod Bushings and Complete V-Rod Rebush Kits

• Apex Bushing available separately, not available through OE

Volvo T-Ride:

• Load Springs with polyurethane formulated to absorb shock and dampen vibration for better ride quality

• Complete fixed length or adjustable Torque Rods with ATRO’s rotating pin design for easier installation

• Complete V-Rod assemblies using a low friction, high abrasion, and wear resistant polyurethane

• V-Rod and Torque Rod Bushings

Detailed information and product spotlights can be accessed at under Resources.

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