AGAE Technologies develops new DPF cleaning product

AGAE Technologies LLC, a specialty chemical company in Corvallis OR, announces breakthrough technologies in diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning. AGAE’s solvent-free, aqueous cleaning solutions, formulated with rhamnolipid biosurfactant and other natural ingredients, are highly effective and economical for cleaning DPFs.

DPF cleaning and effectiveness have been constant challenges for DPF users. AGAE’s new technologies meet these challenges, according to AGAE officials.

Insufficiently filtered diesel engine exhaust is a major source of vehicle-generated air pollution worldwide, including particulate matter pollutants PM 2.5. DPFs play a critical role in trapping and preventing diesel engine exhaust pollutants such as these from directly discharging into the environment; however, insufficiently cleaned filters are not fulfilling this vital role. AGAE’s new technologies can make DPFs perform as originally designed while also keeping cleaning costs at a minimum.

AGAE’s patent-pending DPF cleaning solutions in an advanced DPF cleaning machine reportedly produced unprecedented exogenous residue removals of up to 1.2 kg, while current DPF cleaning technologies are typically only able to remove 0.01 to 0.1 kg. In addition, the backpressures of AGAE’s formula-cleaned DPFs were restored to their original manufacturer specifications.

These DPF cleaning technologies were developed by AGAE Technologies in collaboration with CES R&D Inc and DPF Cleaning LLC. These California-based companies specialize in development of advanced DPF cleaning machines and cleaning services.

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