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Webasto, WheelTime team up to market idle reduction system

Webasto Product North America Inc and WheelTime Network LLC have formed a synergistic partnership to gain a greater share of the idle-reduction market in North America's transportation sector.

WheelTime will promote, distribute, and service Webasto's full line of idle-reducing technologies in North America. This includes engine-off heating and cooling systems that can reduce idling while meeting the needs of the vehicle operator.

One example is BlueCool Truck, an innovative bunk cooling storage system for sleeper cabs, which won the 2008 Frost and Sullivan Idle Reduction Technology of the Year award. When in use, BlueCool Truck does not create any emissions or use any fuel.

“This agreement forges a new business model for Webasto, providing consistency to the market and allowing us to provide a greater reach to more customers by getting parts in the field to better service and support our existing and future customers,” says Mark Hickey, vice-president of sales and marketing, Webasto Product North America. “With over 200 WheelTime locations, 4,000 factory-trained technicians, and a philosophy based around quality customer service, WheelTime is a clear partner of choice.”

The global economic crisis has hit everyone hard, especially the truck fleets. Every fleet is looking for ways to improve profitability and idle reduction is an attractive target.

“When it comes to CARB-approved engine-off heating and cooling solutions, Webasto has one of the most innovative and complete offerings in the market,” says Tom Freiwald, WheelTime chief executive officer. “Webasto's product line will help to differentiate and complement WheelTime's current business. That's why our members were excited and on board from the start.”

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