TSA provides hazmat security workshops

In a continued effort to increase the security posture of the hazardous materials motor carrier industry, the Transportation Security Administration has developed and is offering free training workshops that build upon the U.S. Department of Transportation security planning regulations (49 CFR 172.704 and 49 CFR 172.800) and TSA security initiatives.

Motor Carriers will learn about voluntary Security Action Items (SAI) developed by TSA that can be incorporated into existing company security plans. These SAI training workshops will meet the U.S. DOT security awareness training requirement and are available to all hazmat transportation employees. Sessions are from 9 am to 12 pm or 1 pm to 4 pm.

Hazmat Motor Carrier Security Training 2009 Schedule

  • Tampa FL, June 23-24
  • Long Beach CA, July 7-8
  • Seattle WA, July 21-22
  • Phoenix AZ, July 28-29
  • Houston TX, August 11-12
  • Baltimore MD, August 25-26
  • Chicago IL, September 1-2
  • Newark NJ, September 9-10

To pre-register, phone: (505) 254-3700, fax: (505) 938-7941, e-mail: [email protected], or access www.tsa-sait.org. To contact TSA, e-mail: [email protected] or access www.tsa.gov/highway.

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