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Trimble, Pulsar team up to monitor truck driver fatigue

Trimble and Pulsar Informatics Inc announced a collaboration to deliver a new fatigue monitoring and risk management solution for the transportation industry, available as part of Trimble's Safety Analytics dashboard. The fatigue risk management solution enables fleets to understand how fatigue is directly affecting individual driver behavior, and provides information about driver fatigue levels as well as historical data to coach and prevent potential fatigue risks in the future.

The collaboration between Trimble and Pulsar Informatics was announced during the 2018 American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference & Exhibition in Austin TX.

Driver fatigue is among the top causes of large truck crashes, with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimating that driver fatigue may be an associated factor in 13% of accidents involving a commercial truck. While trucking companies carry insurance coverage, if a fatigued driver causes an accident in the course of employment, the carrier can be held responsible. Similarly, carriers may also be held accountable if a fatigued driver does not follow federal regulations on rest breaks.

“Driver fatigue is a top concern for fleets and by collaborating with Pulsar to integrate fatigue monitoring into our Safety Analytics dashboard, carriers will receive data to help improve driver coaching and potentially protect fleets from liability,” said Jim Angel, vice-president of Video Intelligence Solutions for Trimble Transportation Mobility. “Our Safety Analytics dashboard is designed to make risk management decisions easier for fleets by sampling data that’s already being collected and is not intrusive to drivers.”

Trimble’s Safety Analytics dashboard aggregates driver data across an entire fleet to highlight drivers in need of coaching. With the integration of Pulsar’s Trucking Fatigue Meter technology, the dashboard will use Hours of Service (HOS) and Trimble’s Onboard Event Recording (OER) data to identify driver sleep and fatigue risk patterns that lead to degraded performance. By providing a clear representation of this information, fleet managers and safety managers have an enhanced ability to coach the driver and assess the situation to potentially prevent a safety incident.

Pulsar’s industry-leading fatigue monitoring solutions have been developed with funding from the US Department of Navy, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, NASA, Federal Aviation Administration, US Department of Defense and other prominent government organizations. Pulsar has commercial products serving the aviation, petrochemical, and trucking industries--all mission critical and safety centric workplaces.

“Pulsar Informatics is excited to combine our deep expertise in fatigue risk management with Trimble’s unmatched knowledge of the transportation industry,” said Daniel Mollicone, chief executive officer of Pulsar Informatics. “Together, we can provide fleets with a unique solution to help managers identify and mitigate risks that can protect drivers and carriers while also improving safety on the road for everyone.”

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