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TMW Systems, WebTech Wireless partner

TMW Systems Inc and Vancouver, Canada-based WebTech Wireless Inc have announced a reseller and partnership agreement that will enable a new mobile resource management system based on TMW's D2Link software and WebTech's new WT7000 Locator in-vehicle device.

The agreement allows TMW to supply WT7000 Locators for use with its D2Link mobile communications software, providing a mobile communications system that combines the advantages of TMW's driver-side D2Link cellular handset technology with the vehicle GPS location and telematics data provided by WebTech's Bluetooth-enabled, in-vehicle Locators. The complete fleet management system gives trucking companies and their drivers the ability to easily and accurately monitor a range of vehicle location, usage, and engine diagnostics data, all of which are suitable for IFTA reporting.

On-demand reports offered with combined D2Link and WT7000 Series Locator installations include a driver scorecard that records trip mileage, fuel economy, idle time, hard braking, and overspeed. Other standard reports cover average and maximum speed and stop locations, plus arrival and departure times and odometer readings. A fuel report records fuel consumption plus mpg, and an ECM Fault Log monitors vehicle component failures.

Access for further details.

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