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ROM Link can end installation issues

The ROM Link, Civacon's retrofit kit, provides a hassle-free installation that allows the user to “Plug-N-Load”.

Since the introduction of overfill electronics on petroleum- and other product-hauling tankers, OEMs, installers, repair shops, and end users have been frustrated by the way electronics and other components are connected in the system. Unless crimps are installed with absolute precision, the longevity of the system is compromised.

To eliminate this frustrating cycle, Civacon has developed the ROM Link Plug-N-Load system. This system not only improves trouble points, but also eliminates them.

Features and benefits include:

  • Crimp-free installation.

  • No special tools or training required.

  • Fits all compartment layout configurations.

  • Can be added to existing trucks with overfill systems.

  • Completely sealed harness system that will last in the environment.

  • Components color-coded for easy identification.

Visit for full information.

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