Point-to-point fuel prices provided daily

Today's volatile diesel prices make it difficult for carriers to mitigate high fuel expenditures using the traditional method of negotiating fuel surcharges based on the Department of Energy's nationwide average price, which the department estimates once a week by surveying a limited number of fueling locations. For example, when fuel prices are on the rise, a fuel surcharge based on Monday's DOE national average may often be several cents below Wednesday's actual pump price and may bear no relation to the actual prices paid along particular freight lanes.

Powered by ProMiles, FuelSurchargeIndex.org offers a welcome alternative. It provides users with average retail fuel prices along a specific route updated to within the past 24 hours. Shippers, fleets, owner-operators, and brokers can now access the same point-to-point fuel price information.

While users can calculate the fuel price along a specific lane free of charge, premium services are also available on a subscription basis at varying levels. These services include the ability to calculate a fuel surcharge based on a specific trigger point, mpg, and routing method.

Go to www.FuelSurchargeIndex.org or call ProMiles at (800) 324-8588 for more information.

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