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OPW unit releases loading systems video

OPW Engineered Systems recently launched a new loading systems video to help customers and distributor partners better understand why OPW is the leader in providing “Safer.Cleaner.Faster.” loading systems for the transfer of volatile, valuable, and potentially toxic fluids. To view the new video, go to

OPW loading systems are designed with personnel and environmental safety as top priorities. Every OPW loading system is highly engineered and tested to ensure maximum efficiency and the highest levels of safety and quality throughout production and operation. OPW loading systems are available in many configurations and sizes. A superior design provides maximum safety, efficiency, and a variety of operational benefits that include:

•Ease of operation

•Environmentally friendly—retract out of the way to eliminate potential hazards due to hose runovers

•Adequate capacity without excessive pressure drop

•Ergonomic—self-supported, precision-engineered to eliminate strenuous lifting or moving

•Adequate horizontal and vertical range

•Ease of maintenance

•Materials adequate for the services—metals, seals, and gaskets that are chemically compatible with products being handled, as well as transfer temperatures and prevailing climate conditions For more information, visit

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