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Mitchell 1's Repair-Connect quickly diagnoses problems

Mitchell 1 continues to provide the industry with repair information by bringing concise diagnostic information for Class 4-8 vehicles. The firm's latest offering is Repair-Connect, with which trouble codes meet diagnostics in mere seconds.

The company developed Repair-Connect through years of gathering knowledge from customers. Accessible on Mitchell 1's website at, features of this service include:

  • Digital photographs — Thousands of digital photos provide full-color detail views of components and locations to accurately provide real-world examples.

  • Wiring diagrams — Repair-Connect delivers a “to the point” diagram, displaying just the wires making up a circuit. When the user needs it, Repair-Connect also swiftly provides the entire engine diagram.

  • Connector views — Authentic connector views with pin-outs — photographed at the source — allow a technician to quickly pinpoint the circuit test and correctly diagnose the problem.

Repair-Connect is TMC RP1210-compliant and also complies with SAE J1587/1708/1939/OBDII and OEM. It accommodates gasoline and diesel engines of model years 2000-2009. The web-based system is Windows XP-, Vista-, and Win7-compliant.

Mitchell 1's line of Internet-based products is automatically updated monthly, eliminating the need for any update software installation. Its Repair Information Services include,, and repair products. All Repair Information Services can be purchased separately or as a bundled package.

Access for more information.

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