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Meritor WABCO establishes partnership with Iteris Inc

Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems announced a strategic partnership with Iteris Inc of Santa Ana CA to streamline and simplify delivery of critical data about vehicle safety and performance to their mutual customers.

Effective immediately, Meritor WABCO fleet customers can use SafetyDirect as a single point of access to monitor and synchronize driver performance data reports on braking, stability control, following distances, and lane-departure warnings for individual drivers as well as the entire fleet. The reporting includes event location, event date/time/speed, driver/vehicle, and odometer reading.

The agreement allows information captured by Meritor WABCO’s SmartTrac and OnGuard active safety systems to be available through Iteris’ SafetyDirect, an online application for analyzing data generated by Iteris’ lane departure warning system.

The SafetyDirect application uses information transmitted from the vehicle by the fleet’s onboard mobile communications system via telematic providers such as Qualcomm Inc and PeopleNet.

Safety systems supported by SafetyDirect include:

•SmartTrac, a suite of active safety systems that can assist the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle in response to an impending loss of directional or roll stability.

•OnGuard, a forward-looking radar-based collision safety system that can detect objects in a vehicle’s path and automatically engage the throttle, engine retarder, and service brakes when it senses an impending collision without immediate action from the driver.

•Iteris LDW, a lane-departure warning system that uses a camera and onboard computer to track lane markings and detect when a vehicle drifts toward an unintended lane change.

Phone 888-329-4483 or visit for more information.

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