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Holland FWAL optional on Freightliners

Daimler Trucks North America LLC now offers the Holland FWAL aluminum fifthwheel as an option on its Freightliner long-haul and heavy-duty models.

The Holland FWAL fifthwheel was developed through an engineering collaboration between SAF-Holand and Alcoa. This product improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, and hauls heavier payloads. The forged aluminum FWAL Series is more than 100 pounds lighter than competitive fifthwheels yet matches the performance of standard fifthwheels with its 55,000-lb. maximum vertical load and 150,000-lb. maximum drawbar pull capacity.

The FWAL Series also incorporates NoLube technology that eliminates the need to lube the top plate or locks — reducing maintenance and related service costs while at the same time offering cleaner and more environmentally friendly service.

FWAL options are now available for Freightliner models and can be ordered through the DTNA systems.

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