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FTR introduces new Intel•cast software platform

The FTR team recently released Intermodal Dash software powered by its new Intel•cast platform. 

Following an unveiling at the 2018 FTR Transportation Conference, Intermodal Dash will be accessible beginning October 1, the company said. The platform features web-based interactive features and marks a shift to a more technologically advanced system for utilizing transportation intelligence.
“This really is us getting you information when you want it and how you want it,” said Eric Starks, chairman and CEO of FTR. “When we start talking about forecasting, data needs, and content, it gets overwhelming.

“Our job is to be able to put it in your hands so that you can use it.”
The Intel•cast platform builds on FTR’s Freight•cast model for forecasting freight demand. Intel•cast allows subscribers to dynamically adjust data variables and view the result immediately. Charts and graphs are tailored for unique interests, allowing for quick business intelligence.

Intel•cast also allows subscribers to search FTR’s expert commentary, which now will be published as available to provide business intelligence faster.
Intermodal Dash is the first service in the FTR Freight Focus Series added to the Intel•cast platform. The Intermodal Dash provides comprehensive data and insights into the intermodal market place.

All of the data and commentary subscribers have relied on FTR to provide still will be available in the Intermodal Dash, along with several new features, the company said.
FTR said it will move additional Freight Focus subscriptions to the Intel•Cast platform throughout the next year.

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