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Fontaine adds four new fifthwheels

Fontaine Fifth Wheel introduces the Fontaine Ultra NS, which offers infinite, automatic slack adjustment in order to provide a more comfortable ride and reduce component wear. This fifthwheel features the next generation of Fontaine's patented No-Slack lock design. Fontaine engineers completely re-imagined the fifthwheel lock. The Ultra NS fifthwheel replaces the jaw and wedge used by previous No-Slack locks with a cam and moveable jaw system. The cam “swings” the jaw into position behind the kingpin, where it is kept in place by constant spring pressure. That pressure, combined with various design elements, provides infinite slack adjustment for zero slack at all times.

The Ultra NS fifth wheel is rated for on-highway use in standard to severe service applications, with a 55,000-lb vertical load and 150,000-lb drawbar pull rating. It is cast steel and offers the same mounting options as Fontaine's 6000 and 7000 Series fifthwheels.

Fontaine Parts Connection introduces a new retrofit fifthwheel. The new Fontaine Ultra HR is designed to be a direct replacement for competitive standard-duty fifthwheel top plates, while also incorporating a number of Fontaine-specific improvements. The new cast steel Ultra HR is similar in shape to the top plate it replaces and will fit existing lower bracket assemblies. No adapters are needed.

Fontaine Parts Connection will also offer a repair kit and OEM replacement parts for the Ultra HR fifthwheel.

Fontaine Fifth Wheel has taken the best features of its two heavy-duty fifthwheels, the No-Slack H5092 and X5092, and combined them into a single new heavy-duty fifthwheel, the Fontaine Ultra HD. The new Ultra HD fifthwheel weighs less than the X5092 and retains the special steel reinforcement offered by the H5092 for added strength and durability. It fits Fontaine's existing mounts, including two sliders and a number of stationary mounts. It is also available as a blocked model for frameless dump applications. It offers a 70,000-lb vertical load and 200,000-lb drawbar pull.

The company also introduces the Fontaine Ultra LT fifthwheel. Fontaine designed the Ultra LT to meet the needs of fleets looking for weight reductions to offset heavy 2010 emission system components and to improve fuel economy. The Ultra LT offers weight savings of up to 100 lbs or more.

The Ultra LT is offered as a complete system that includes the top plate and one of a variety of mounting configurations, including inboard and outboard slide assemblies and a stationary mount. Both the inboard and outboard slide assemblies are lighter weight and more compact than standard slide assemblies. The Ultra LT system is for use in on-highway applications only, including highway tanker operations.

The Ultra LT fifthwheel offers a vertical load of 50,000 pounds and a drawbar pull of 150,000 pounds. The top plate is formed steel.

For more information, visit or call (800) 874-9780.

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