DTN TABS enables order-based loading

DTN TABS now delivers expanded data elements on real-time bills of lading from the terminal. This granular level of detail helps rack marketers and fuel suppliers gain a deeper look into what's going on at the rack. Stakeholders can access transaction information concerning: who, what, when, where, and how much for every load within seconds of load completion.

Recipients of the expanded bills of lading from DTN TABS can expedite early customer invoicing, reduce costly reconciliation of blended product billing conflicts, and improve government reporting and regulations compliance. DTN TABS users also can allocate product at the component level in order to differentiate volumes sold and manage inventory of a wider variety of base and finished products for the correct regions.

This release allows for a flexible protocol whereby orders can be entered into DTN TABS via DTN Exchange, from a third-party data provider, directly from a supplier, or directly from a marketer. These orders will be stored in DTN TABS and then get updated with specific supplier or terminal information as it becomes known. When the driver enters the order number at the rack, the terminal automation system will communicate with DTN TABS to generate the load details, effectively reducing points of error.

Access www.dtn.com for more details.

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