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DOT announces demo grants for automated driving systems

The US Department of Transportation announced up to $60 million in federal grant funding for projects that test the safe integration of automated driving systems (ADS) on our nation’s roadways.

These grants aim to gather significant safety data to inform rulemaking, foster collaboration among state and local government and private partners, and test the safe integration of ADS on our nation’s roads.

Grant applications are due in 90 days and must be submitted through Awardees will be announced in Spring 2019.

Goals of the ADS demonstration grants:

  • Safety: Test the safe integration of ADS into the nation’s on-road transportation system.
  • Data for Safety Analysis and Rulemaking: Ensure significant data gathering and sharing of project data with US DOT and the public throughout the project in near real time.
  • Collaboration: Work with innovative State and local governments and private partners to create collaborative environments that harness the collective expertise, ingenuity, and knowledge of multiple stakeholders.

To provide additional information on the ADS demonstration grants, US DOT will host an informational webinar on January 8.

More information about the ADS Demonstrations Grants is available on, which includes contact information, FAQs, the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) and more. These resources contain the most comprehensive information about the program.

Please submit questions about ADS demonstration grants to [email protected].

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