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Continental debuts ContiPressureCheck on Geotab

Geotab recently announced the availability of ContiPressureCheck by Continental on the Geotab Marketplace.

Helping to lower tire maintenance costs for commercial fleets, the ContiPressureCheck tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) uses sensors mounted inside the tire to capture accurate temperature and pressure data to report tire-related issues in real-time.

ContiPressureCheck is an easy-to-use and precise TPMS, designed to reduce tire costs, improve safety and provide better tread life and fuel mileage. Tire temperature and pressure data that is captured via the ContiPressureCheck system is transmitted through Geotab’s GO device and provides real-time alerts via the MyGeotab application, should an issue be detected.

“Since 1871, Continental has focused on delivering solutions that help keep drivers safe and help fleets discover their lowest overall driving cost,” said Paul Williams, Continental’s executive vice president of commercial vehicle tires in the Americas. “Through our highly competitive tire-pressure monitoring system, ContiPressureCheck, and Geotab’s open-platform telematics solution, we can offer customers access to accurate and relevant data to help ensure their fleets - and their tires - are operating in a safe and efficient manner.”

By providing real-time tire data, ContiPressureCheck helps fleets avoid tire-related breakdowns and costs associated with unplanned downtime. With multiple levels of low-pressure alerts, notifications sent to drivers and the MyGeotab platform reflect the severity of the issue and help provide insight into the appropriate course of action.

“The addition of a highly trusted brand like Continental to the Geotab Marketplace helps provide fleet owners with the tools necessary to ensure their vehicles are staying on the road and their drivers are safe," said Joey Marlow, executive VP of US operations at Geotab. "We are excited to be able to offer ContiPressureCheck on the Geotab Marketplace as we continue to provide our customers with cutting edge solutions that they can utilize to better manage their fleets."

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