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Civacon offers Thermistor, Optic single API sockets

Civacon announced that its new Optic and Thermistor single API sockets are now available. These sockets have been designed for longer wear than traditional stainless-steel models since they feature aluminum hard-coated nose rings and J-slots. The new sockets are also backed by a lifetime warranty from Civacon.

These vehicle-mounted API sockets connect Optic, Thermistor, and J650-type sensors to the compatible loading-terminal monitor plugs on trailers and truck tanks. Making these sockets more customer-friendly is the fact that they are constructed with the ground-verification wire already in place and wired into the socket. Ground verification is needed to load at terminals where the loading-rack monitor requires a special modified signal as part of the ground-verification operation. An accessory wire is also connected to the ground wire for use at terminals that require vehicle-identification systems.

Other features of the single API sockets include stainless-steel contact pins; an aluminum housing; color-coded wiring for easy identification; lightweight, durable caps with raised surfaces for a better grip; stainless-steel installation hardware; and an operating temperature range between -40° and 160° F (-40° and 71.1° C).

For more information, visit, call (888) 526-5657, or e-mail [email protected].

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