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Cervis units include DSSS technology

Cervis Inc's SmaRT Base Unit BU-906R-FTS for 12-volt DC fuel transfer systems features six One Form C relay outputs, each rated at 10 amps max. All connections are made using either one or two pre-wired, colored-coded 12-wire cables, each with a uniquely keyed connector that prohibits possibility of cross-connection. The weatherproof SmaRT base unit enclosure allows it to operate worry-free in harsh weather.

SmaRT base units feature seamless association to a SmaRT hand-held unit without the need to open the case. Using Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) wireless technology at 900 MHz, the base unit provides a robust direct-line-of-sight link with a SmaRT hand-held remote in congested radio environments.

The SmaRT Handheld Remote features a direct-line-of-sight transmitter-to-receiver communication range providing one, three, or four push-to-operate output function control. Control capability extends from single-function control (Stop) to four-function control (Stop, Power Take Off, Throttle, and Reel control). SmaRT 900MHz PTO-FTS handheld remotes feature seamless association to a SmaRT BU-906R-FTS base unit without the need to open either handheld or base unit cases.

The unit enclosure is constructed of high-impact polymer with a polycarbonate faceplate securely attached and sealed. It is further protected by a removable rubber bumper that extends beyond the recessed faceplate and covers the back and sides of the unit. A detachable lanyard is provided.

E-mail Paul Kuboff at [email protected] for more details.

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