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Cadec Global integrates on-board computer with ALK CoPilot Truck 9

Cadec Global now integrates with ALK Technologies’ CoPilot Truck 9, providing immediate benefits to PowerVue users by helping fleets increase driver efficiency and compliance, reduce out-of-route mileage, and improve driver safety.

CoPilot Truck’s on-board, voice-guided GPS navigation system stores detailed ALK Maps of North America enhanced with industry standard PC*MILER truck-specific routing directly on the Cadec on-board computer (OBC).

Among the major benefits to PowerVue users are:

•Over-the-air (OTA) map updates available to all drivers for faster, more accurate navigation and route updates

•Integration with customer-routing software for seamless delivery of turn-by-turn directions to Cadec’s OBC

•The ability to easily avoid and favor roads and locations

•The ability to find the best sequence for up to 50 stops to reduce out-of-route mileage

•Fast automatic route recalculation to prevent drivers from getting lost

•Access to more than 7 million Points of Interest (POIs) with phone numbers—including truckstops, truck services, rest areas, weigh stations, and CAT Scales

•A non-distracting driver safety view along with flexible and clear 2D and 3D map views

Overall, integration of Cadec’s PowerVue with the latest version of CoPilot Truck can help fleets improve driver efficiency, compliance, and safety. Specifically, the integration allows fleets to improve back-office productivity by reducing driver support needs, increase on-time performance and customer service, reduce out-of-route mileage, and improve fleet efficiency through increased asset utilization.

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