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Bee Line LC7080 improves wheel alignment

Bee Line Company is offering the LC7080 Laser computer wheel alignment system that improves Bee Line four-wheel alignment and allows any shop to align small passenger vehicles and large commercial tractors.

With the Bee Line LC7080, alignments can be performed in any shop condition whether it be on the floor, on a lift, or on a runway system. Another great feature for Bee Line shops that have a Rear Axle Aligner is that the LC7080 will seamlessly integrate their equipment when gauging out rear axles on tractors and trailers. In essence, the LC7080 can be used as a two-headed truck and trailer alignment machine with the Rear Axle Aligner or a four-headed car alignment machine.

Other features include:

  • LCD monitors built into all four wireless alignment heads with live readings save overall alignment time.

  • User-friendly built-in system calibration fixture allows the user to calibrate system accuracy in minutes.

  • Help section built into WindSpeed 7000 Software featuring user-friendly help videos.

  • Advanced steering wheel centering calculations achieve pinpoint accuracy on the first attempt.

Additional improvements include:

  • Lightweight lithium ion batteries power unit for 10 hours of continuous use in each alignment head. Power-save feature automatically powers down alignment heads that are unintentionally left on.

  • WindSpeed 7000 Alignment Software works seamlessly with Bee Line Rear Axle Aligners for simple gauging and correcting rear axle alignment.

  • WindSpeed 7000 Alignment Software displays a live screen during alignment adjustments that alerts the technician when the vehicle is within specifications.

  • WindSpeed 7000 Alignment Software generates before and after color printouts.

For more information, contact Mick Dalton at 563-332-4066, ext 364; or e-mail [email protected]

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