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MiX updates in-cab video capability with live streaming

Oct. 29, 2019
MiX Telematics recently updated its MiX Vision in-cab video solution with a new live streaming feature.

MiX Telematics, a provider of fleet and asset management solutions, recently updated its MiX Vision in-cab video solution with a new live streaming feature.

Now, customers using MiX Vision’s driver- and road-facing camera to monitor fleet operations can subscribe to MiX Telematics’ streaming service, which allows users to live stream up to eight cameras simultaneously in MiX Fleet Manager, MiX’s online software solution. Additionally, customers can opt for a high-definition (HD 1920 x 1088 resolution) version, which is equipped with an LTE modem for seamless global connectivity.

“Many of our fleet customers have experienced the powerful benefits MiX Vision brings to their vehicle operations,” said Catherine Lewis, executive vice president of technology at MiX. “Unlike other products in the market, MiX Vision can be easily configured to meet specific customer requirements and is fully integrated with our premium fleet management solution.

“This gives customers greater visibility into the way their fleets operate.”

The standard MiX Vision solution provides event-based and continuous video recording, used as visual evidence to repudiate claims, improve driving behavior and safety.

MiX Vision now also supports a number of different in-cab and exterior camera configurations, which allows customers to get an optimal view of what they regard as important in their business, while also taking into account data privacy requirements.

“At MiX Telematics, we strive to provide our customers around the world with the best possible solution to address their safety, compliance and efficiency needs,” Lewis said. “We have listened to their requests and introduced these enhancements to further extend the value we drive into their businesses.”