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SambaSafety enhances Qorta driver monitoring platform

June 20, 2019
SambaSafety recently added a “groundbreaking” enhancement to its Qorta monitoring platform.

SambaSafety, which specializes in mobility risk data solutions, recently added a “groundbreaking” enhancement to its Qorta monitoring platform.

By incorporating CSA and MVR data into a single monitoring solution, SambaSafety said it now provides the regulated trucking industry with the most comprehensive driver monitoring solution in transportation.   

“Since our initial launch of MVR monitoring solutions back in January, we are very excited to now include CSA monitoring into the Qorta platform,” said Steve Bryan, executive vice president and general manager for SambaSafety Transportation. “Qorta should be the platform of choice for any organization that is truly committed to enabling a culture of safety.

“A reactive mindset cannot form the foundation to support a positive safety culture.” 

With the Qorta monitoring platform, Safety Managers can proactively stay ahead of new roadside inspections and violations through near-real-time information summarized via carrier and driver scorecards, the company claimed. Also enabled is a preview of the new CSA IRT model, mandated by the FAST Act. Planned for release this year, the model utilizes Item Response Theory (IRT) methodology to measure a motor carrier’s safety culture with a single score.

Qorta’s comprehensive monitoring solution, Q Transportation, offers the ability to continuously monitor drivers for violations, license status, medical certifications and endorsements, on- or off-duty, or in company or personal vehicles, SambaSafety said. By aggregating CSA and MVR data, robust scorecards elevate data into actionable intelligence, and empower decision-makers to enhance their safety culture through improvements in cost savings, productivity, image and overall safety.