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BigRoad unveils first Pay-As-You-Drive ELD solution

May 28, 2019
BigRoad recently launched what it says is the industry’s first Pay-As-You-Drive ELD solution.

BigRoad, an original electronic logging device (ELD) provider, recently launched what it says is the industry’s first Pay-As-You-Drive ELD solution, which is aimed at drivers with an irregular need for electronic logging compliance.

Those who subscribe to the service will benefit from zero contract and cancellation fees, and will receive complementary DashLink hardware, the company said.

“This is a big moment for BigRoad as a champion of drivers’ needs in the long-haul industry,” said Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete and BigRoad. “We have clients whose business is seasonal, or that requires ELD compliance on occasion, but who have to subscribe to full service, which they don’t use all the time.

“With Pay-As-You-Drive, these drivers will have an easier path to compliance without the financial strain. BigRoad was born in response to the ELD mandate, with owner-operators’ interests at heart, and we are driven by one corporate value—to help drivers and fleets thrive by removing roadblocks and advancing the driver’s safety and quality of life. Our Pay-As-You-Drive offer will revolutionize the industry as we know it.”

The new solution has no contract obligation, no upfront hardware costs, no cancellation fees and comes with a complementary electronic logging device and a load-matching platform to help reduce dead-head miles, BigRoad said.