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PlusAI shows off Level 4 autonomous truck technology at CES

Jan. 16, 2019
PlusAI shows off Level 4 autonomous truck technology at CES

PlusAI Inc, a self-driving company focused on enabling large-scale autonomous commercial trucking fleets, showcased its full-stack Level 4 autonomous truck technology at CES 2019. PlusAI also demonstrated the technology with an International LT Series tractor on a nearby Las Vegas NV truck route during the show.

The International LT, equipped with PlusAI’s L4 autonomous driving technology, can automatically navigate major routes from hub to hub. PlusAI’s precision positioning and control system integrates deep learning visual algorithms, using advanced lane detection, lidar (laser detection and measurement), SLAM (instant positioning and map building), and other technology solutions.

Founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley, PlusAI was one of the first companies to obtain an autonomous driving test license from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in early 2017. For the past two years, PlusAI has built its market leadership in self-driving technology to power autonomous commercial trucking fleets for its OEM partners and prospects.

“Thanks to the convergence of machine learning and artificial intelligence, big data, mobility, and advanced sensors, the autonomous revolution is on the horizon,” said Dr David Liu, founder and chief executive officer of PlusAI. “Autonomous trucks are one of the best applications for autonomous driving in the near term, and this application is close to becoming a reality. Through our strong strategic partnerships with large truck OEMs and transportation providers globally, PlusAI is leading the market by changing the future of the logistics and transportation industry.”

Applying autonomous driving technology to trucking will generate a multi-trillion-dollar economic impact, significant enough to reshape the transportation industry and its ecosystems. PlusAI is committed to making commercial freight transportation safer, more efficient, and less expensive for its customers.