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The Rand McNally DriverConnect web portal is designed to provide a single screen/platform for full fleet management.

Rand McNally adds asset tracking to DriverConnect

Oct. 1, 2018
Rand McNally said its DriverConnect platform now supports the tracking of assets, whose locations are visible via log-in to the DriverConnect web portal.

Rand McNally said its DriverConnect platform now supports the tracking of assets, whose locations are visible via a single log-in to the DriverConnect web portal.

The company also unveiled two compact tracking devices that transmit precise locations—whether they’re in motion or still. 

The tracking solution is launching as it becomes increasingly important for fleet owners and managers to understand where their cargo is always, whether to inform a customer of whereabouts, locate a missing or stolen trailer, or even confirm the presence of an asset in a yard, the company said.

“We continue to enhance our dynamic DriverConnect fleet management solution with a variety of features and benefits that make fleet managers’ lives better. Today, we are pleased to announce the addition of asset tracking to this platform,” said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally.

“Transportation companies have asked us to provide seamless trailer, container and high-value asset tracking within our DriverConnect solution so that they can access this new functionality from within the same environment that they already know.”

Asset tracking is the latest option available on Rand McNally’s DriverConnect platform, which offers mix-and-match fleet management tools for compliance, reporting, navigation, productivity and analytics.

With the tracking service, which can be added to a company’s monthly DriverConnect subscription—or used as a stand-alone product—Rand McNally offers two models of tracking devices: A battery powered model (AssetTracker B100) and a rechargeable solar version with battery backup (AssetTracker S100).

Both models are designed to work in extreme weather conditions and installation takes less than 10 minutes. Moreover, each model comes pre-configured and ready-to-go; there are no bulky and confusing switches or cables to get in the way, the company said.

A single log-in to the DriverConnect platform provides access to on-screen mapping and location information plus up to six months of tracking data and reporting. Beginning in November, managers can set up custom geofences in order to receive an email alert when an asset moves, enters or exits a designated boundary.

The trackers send their location when idle and in motion using a built-in cellular modem that runs on a 4G LTE network.  

For more information, please visit randmcnally.com/asset-tracking.