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Milrem Robotics developing propane tank hauler for Mac’s Trax Inc

April 25, 2018
Milrem Robotics developing propane tank hauler for Mac’s Trax Inc

Mac’s Trax Inc has contracted the developer of smart unmanned robotic systems Milrem Robotics to develop a new tracked propane tank hauler.

"Milrem Robotics is well known as the developer of the tracked hybrid modular infantry system the THeMIS, an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) to help soldiers on the battlefield. It’s cooperation developing this UGV that led us to contract Milrem Robotics to develop this vehicle for us,” explained Craig F McCullough, chief executive officer of Mac’s Trax.

Mac’s Trax is the supplier of tracks for the THeMIS. “Seeing the dedication and professionalism of Milrem Robotics’ engineers and of course the tracked UGV they have managed to develop in a short period of time, gave us confidence to work together on a larger scale,” McCullough said.

The remotely controlled and optionally manned tracked propane tank hauler must be able to carry a 1,000 gallon propane tank.

By signing the contract with Mac’s Trax, Milrem Robotics is expanding into the product development sales business. Product development services will be offered under the trademark Milrem Engineering.

“We will focus on more complicated projects where we can apply our expertise in mechanics but also artificial intelligence,” said Kuldar Vaarsi, chief executive officer of Milrem Robotics. “Milrem Engineering will cover everything starting with concept development and requirements analysis ending with testing and evaluating prototypes.”

In the coming year Milrem Robotics will increase their staff by 50% to meet the demand in the product development sector in the US and Europe.

Milrem Robotics is best known for manufacturing unmanned ground vehicles and smart warfare systems for the military. During the last year the company has also started developing unmanned vehicles for the commercial sector and has manufactured the Multiscope--an UGV for the civil sector.

At the moment, the Multiscope is being developed together with rescue services for firefighting and search and rescue purposes. However, the Multiscope can also be applied in agriculture and mining.

Milrem Robotics and Milrem Engineering are based in Tallinn, Estonia.