OPW adds scalable Petro Vend 200 fuel island terminal

Nov. 29, 2017
OPW Fuel Management adds scalable Petro Vend 200 fuel island control terminal

OPW Fuel Management Systems, part of Dover Corporation’s Fluids segment, has introduced its new Petro Vend 200 (PV200) Fuel Island Terminal, which features many modular options that make it scalable for a wide range of unattended fueling needs. 

As a next-generation solution in OPW’s new PV Family of Fuel Control Solutions, the PV200 provides state-of-the-art, 24-hour fuel control to unattended commercial fleet fueling operations, big or small. The terminal offers the versatility of many a la carte options, including dual card reader operation, an alpha keyboard and a receipt printer. The PV200 is available in three pedestal sizes, including sizes that meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

“The PV200’s ‘future-proof’ functionality offers our customers flexibility for their changing needs while maintaining the accountability that makes OPW’s suite of cardlock products the preferred choice for our customers,” said Bobby Hayes, domestic sales manager for OPW Fuel Management Systems.

The PV200 terminal anchors the PV Family’s PV Pro, PV Enterprise and PV Enterprise Plus packages, and it seamlessly integrates with other products in OPW’s PV Family of Fuel Control Solutions. The PV200’s compatibility with OPW’s FSC3000 Fuel Site Controller offers comprehensive transaction authorization and tracking capabilities for proprietary house cards and many authorization and commercial fueling networks. Compatibility with OPW’s Phoenix Fuel Management Software enables users to fully leverage their fueling data through powerful data analytics and comprehensive reporting options.

The PV200 features a thermostatically controlled heater and aluminum construction for reliable operation in harsh outdoor environments that sometimes challenge trucking, school transport, government, military, industrial, and business operations. In addition, PV200 components can be quickly and easily removed for simplified serviceability.

For more on the OPW’s Petro Vend 200 Fuel Island Terminal, access www.opwglobal.com/opw-fms