KeepTruckin, McLeod Software simplify driver-dispatch relations

Sept. 20, 2017

KeepTruckin is now integrated with McLeod Software, an advanced transportation management software for carriers, brokers, and shippers.

KeepTruckin’s singular focus is to deliver the easiest to use and most reliable electronic logging device and fleet management system for trucking companies. With the #1 rated ELD system for iPhone and Android, KeepTruckin has established itself as a leading vendor in the industry.

McLeod Software is a leading provider of trucking software, transportation dispatch, accounting, operations and brokerage management software, and document management systems developed for the trucking industry.

By integrating the KeepTruckin ELD with McLeod’s TMS platform, fleets benefit from an enhanced level of visibility, simplified driver-dispatch relations, and a unified driver experience. The integration provides many advantages:

• Remaining drive time is accessible within McLeod LoadMaster dispatch which can help ensure all dispatched loads are FMCSA compliant without accessing multiple systems.

• Dispatchers have full visibility into vehicle locations, so they can provide accurate ETAs for customers and find the nearest available driver for each load.

• Dispatchers can communicate with drivers in real-time through the KeepTruckin App.

• Dispatchers can use McLeod TMS to send detailed load instructions to drivers and drivers can complete forms to indicate progress, all within the KeepTruckin App.

This seamless integration of two best-in-class technologies allows fleets to turn the FMCSA’s ELD Mandate into powerful operational efficiencies and a competitive advantage.

“The combination of McLeod and KeepTruckin allows carriers to not only comply with the ELD mandate but also gain significant operational efficiencies in the process,” said Shoaib Makani, chief executive officer of KeepTruckin. “By bringing compliance information to the TMS interface dispatchers live out of, and allowing drivers to receive load details in the Electronic Logs application that they use throughout the day, this integration makes life easier for dispatchers and drivers alike.”

Robert Brothers, manager of product development at McLeod Software, added: “We are excited to be able to offer our LoadMaster fleet customers the opportunity to take advantage of KeepTruckin ELD and messaging applications. Our commitment is to provide the best and most options for fleets to comply with the ELD mandate. KeepTruckin is a great new partner in this evolving new market.”