TMW introduces dedicated billing feature for fleets

Aug. 16, 2017

TMW Systems has simplified the billing process for fleets offering dedicated transportation services with a new IES Dedicated add-on module available for users of TMW’s Innovative IES transportation management solution (TMS) as well as the IES Access and Access Plus TMS platforms. Introduced during the 2017 PeopleNet and TMW in.sight User Conference + Expo, this optional new feature provides fleets a tool designed to address the complexities involved with billing for contract-based dedicated transport.

“As carriers seek ways to maximize vehicle capacity and shippers look to avoid costs associated with maintaining private fleets, dedicated trucking has become an increasingly popular delivery model,” said Ray West, senior vice-president and general manager of TMS solutions for TMW. “However, billing methods that cater to the complex requirements of this growing segment are lacking. The new IES Dedicated module offers users an efficient and cost-effective solution designed to meet all their contract-based transportation billing and payment needs.”

Carriers running dedicated routes often resort to managing customer payments using spreadsheets, a more time-intensive process that can be prone to error due to manual data entry. The new IES Dedicated module was created to eliminate inefficiencies and inaccuracies in the billing and driver payroll processes for dedicated trucking through the use of automation. Providing flexible pay setup options, the tool is designed to help boost driver retention, increase productivity, reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction.

The Innovative IES, Access and Access Plus solutions offer a diverse range of driver management tools to meet the operations, administration, safety and maintenance needs of carriers. The new IES Dedicated module augments these already powerful solutions with dedicated lane-specific billing capabilities, allowing fleet owners and operators to override stop-off charges, create rates based on total or loaded/empty miles and export bills to Excel format, among other functions. In addition, users can look up all orders billed during a particular time period using a variety of sort and filter options. The end result is timely and accurate pay for dedicated drivers.

IES Dedicated Billing adds existing functionality to automatic rule-based pay for TMW’s IES Access platform. Integrating the new module requires the use of Innovative IES, Access or Access Plus, version R2017.1 or newer.

To learn more about IES Dedicated Billing and other features of the Innovative IES platform, call (800) 401-6682.