PeopleNet now offering 4G LTE network overage for truck fleets with US, Canadian operations

March 29, 2017

PeopleNet (, a Trimble Company and leading provider of fleet mobility technology, announced March 27 that it is the first fleet management provider to offer a connection to 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks, now available through its PeopleNet ConnectedFleet platform.

Through ConnectedFleet, trucking companies can connect their drivers, devices, and equipment in real-time to improve efficiencies and increase safety. With the introduction of LTE connectivity, PeopleNet customers can now have the potential for faster connection speeds and the ability to access information more efficiently in geographical areas that previously had little to no coverage.

“The introduction of LTE coverage is part of PeopleNet’s continued efforts to evolve our platform to better serve the needs of our customers—both today and in the long term,” said Eric Witty, vice-president of product management for PeopleNet. “Offering LTE connectivity gives organizations the ability to collect data from vehicles, drivers, and devices faster and more reliably than ever before. This enhanced connectivity can enable quicker decision making when a driver is on duty and also provides more options to drivers who want to stay connected and communicate with family during off-duty time.”

In addition to realizing the benefits of LTE bandwidth and speed, customers will continue to gain critical insight into their fleet’s coverage through PeopleNet’s Managed Network. Unlike other fleet management providers, PeopleNet’s monitoring solutions provide highly-detailed wireless network metrics that report minute-by-minute connectivity, coverage depth and latency for all trucks in a fleet.

LTE coverage is available for fleets using the PeopleNet Mobile Gateway.