SkyBitz adds Tank Monitoring division for chemical, compressed gases, petroleum markets

Nov. 30, 2016

SkyBitz, a leader in commercial IoT telematics delivering significant ROI through robust, application-specific analytics platforms, introduces the SkyBitz Tank Monitoring division. Previously known as TankLink, the new division supports SkyBitz strategy of providing solutions that significantly lower operating costs and increase customer efficiencies supported by a strong commitment to customer service.

“We are excited to introduce the new SkyBitz Tank Monitoring division,” said Tom Keane, vice-president of sales, SkyBitz Tank Monitoring. “Previously, as TankLink, we established a legacy of delivering a rapid ROI based upon reduced tank servicing costs and improved inventory management. Now, under the SkyBitz brand and expanded customer care team, our customers can expect even greater value from our solutions.”

The new SkyBitz division also launched the SMARTank portal and mobile app. The SMARTank Portal, previously known as TankDataOnline, delivers all of the critical tank level information needed to make smart inventory management decisions. The new SMARTank mobile app allows inventory managers, suppliers, and distributors to easily access tank information from anywhere on their Android or iOS mobile devices.

With the easy to navigate SMARTank portal and mobile app, users can access tank level information, trends, logging, reports, receive notifications, alerts and alarms based on criteria they set, and more. A non-branded version of the app is also available for use by third party suppliers and distributors.

Additionally, it helps them:

  • Eliminate product run-outs
  • Reduce costly emergency deliveries
  • Locate tanks via GPS
  • Use the historical usage trends feature to deliver more product less often
  • Efficiently route delivery vehicles
  • Save on fuel, vehicle wear and tear, and driver labor

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