Ace Tank adds mobile-friendly tank chart generator

Oct. 19, 2016

Ace Tank & Fueling Equipment, a provider of aboveground and belowground tank-equipment solutions, has added a new mobile-friendly Tank Chart Generator tool to its website. Free to use, the new Tank Chart Generator tool can be accessed on any web-enabled device by visiting

The mobile-friendly calculator provides fuel-site managers, technicians and fuel-station construction companies the ability to quickly create a chart displaying tank fill heights and their corresponding gallon equivalents for horizontal cylinder, vertical cylinder, and horizontal rectangle tanks.

“Tank charts are an essential part of fuel-site planning and analysis,” said Jessica Vanderville, Ace Tank’s general manager. “Ace Tank’s mobile-friendly Tank Chart Generator enables users to obtain critical tank information from an office-based PC or on-scene from a phone or tablet.”

The online tool requires minimal tank-configuration data from users. After the tool calculates the fill heights and tank capacities, a browser-based PDF export function allows users to download the chart for easy offline recall.

The new user-friendly Tank Chart Generator offers users these additional benefits:

• Streamlines inventory management and helps identify fuel losses or leaks on-scene with a mobile-friendly tool

• Uses known tank dimensions to quickly determine a tank's capacity

• Accurately assesses tank-size requirements based on volume needs

• Identifies the tank size and shape that will best accommodate a site's footprint

• Quickly accesses the data needed to configure and calibrate tank-monitoring equipment

• Provides critical reference points for performing manual inventory assessments, including Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)

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