Omnitracs Fault Monitoring selected for Eaton IntelliConnect

Sept. 28, 2016

Omnitracs LLC will be the first telematics provider with data integrated into Eaton's IntelliConnect remote fleet diagnostics tool. Omnitracs' Fault Monitoring provides near real-time alerts for up to 35,000 common fault codes and includes diagnostic information, enabling fleets to proactively diagnose issues and take preventative action to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

"IntelliConnect is about seamlessly connecting our customer's data with Eaton's deep vehicle knowledge, and providing solutions that reduce the amount of time a customer will need to diagnose a problem and repair a vehicle," said Gerard Devito, chief technology officer, Eaton Vehicle Group. "Omnitracs Fault Monitoring application easily creates the link that our customers need to access the benefits that only we can provide for Eaton transmissions."

Omnitracs Fault Monitoring provides near real-time notifications for fleet managers when fault codes are generated by vehicles, enabling managers to efficiently redirect a driver to an appropriate inspection or service location. By proactively diagnosing issues and taking steps to immediately address concerns, carriers can avoid expensive, unplanned roadside assistance and downtime.

Omnitracs Fault Monitoring is also available as a stand-alone application. The Extended Faults add-on enables integration with monitoring applications from multiple manufacturers.