PeopleNet selects Vigillo CSA data for new safety analytics dashboard

Feb. 17, 2016

PeopleNet has chosen Vigillo LLC to provide CSA data for PeopleNet’s new safety analytics dashboard. The tool will allow carriers to look at onboard and external data points to focus on their riskiest drivers and proactively concentrate on eliminating unsafe operating practices.

“By enabling carriers to focus on drivers that pose the greatest risk, you can concentrate efforts there instead of on the whole company,” said Steve Bryan, chief executive officer of Vigillo. “Joining forces with PeopleNet to supply CSA data for its new safety dashboard will allow our mutual customers to proactively assess their riskiest drivers and have the visibility and access to actionable analytics they need to find solutions that offer a competitive advantage.”

 The PeopleNet safety analytics dashboard is based on a four-tier approach that encompasses information on speed, Hours of Service data, risky driving events such as hard braking and Vigillo’s CSA data. The new software offering is available to all PeopleNet users.

“The safety analytics dashboard aggregates data from telematics and other information systems to help lower liability and risk, provide analysis of driver performance for coaching and improving asset utilization, and for reducing operating and claims costs,” said Jim Angel, vice-president of video intelligence solutions at PeopleNet. “Vigillo provides a critical piece of the puzzle by providing CSA data that will help a company focus on drivers with the worst scorecard performance based on CSA inspections and violations.”