Meritor WABCO announces TOOLBOX 12 vehicle diagnostic package

Jan. 27, 2016

Meritor WABCO announces the release of TOOLBOX 12, the newest version of its PC-based diagnostic software that expedites vehicle diagnosis, increases uptime and optimizes work for technicians.

TOOLBOX 12 includes expanded diagnostic capabilities and support for anti-lock braking systems, electronic braking systems and hydraulic power brakes. TOOLBOX 12 also includes OnGuardACTIVE diagnostics, aftermarket electronic control unit (ECU) programming updates and an improved quick-start guide. The new software is now available for purchase.

“Vehicle uptime is a major industry focus, and Meritor WABCO is doing its part to improve fleet productivity by offering diagnostic tools that accommodate quick, accurate assessments and return vehicles to the road,” said Stephen Hampson, president and general manager for Meritor WABCO. “With the increasing complexity of safety and efficiency systems, as well as the introduction of our Aftermarket Programming Tool in early 2015, TOOLBOX is vital for service efficiency.”

Meritor WABCO is offering customers with a current TOOLBOX 11 license a special $99 upgrade to TOOLBOX 12 for a limited time. Meritor WABCO will offer TOOLBOX 12 to new customers for a base price of $299 per license with a discount for volume purchases.

TOOLBOX offers diagnostic capabilities for multiple Meritor WABCO systems, including OnGuard collision mitigation, OnLane lane-departure warning, SmartTrac stability control for tractors and trailers as well as WABCO’s OptiRide electronically controlled air suspension.           

The program’s basic functions include:

• Static displays (ECU numbers) and dynamic displays (RPMs) for a system being tested

• Displays for active and stored system faults as well as appropriate repair instructions

• Activation of components to verify system integrity, correct component operation and installation wiring

• Direct digital access to product maintenance manuals

• Aftermarket ECU programming updates

For more information, call Meritor’s OnTrac technical support center at 866-OnTrac1 (866-668-7221) or visit