PeopleNet white paper focuses on maximizing ELD investments

Nov. 24, 2015

PeopleNet ( has published a new white paper focused on the upcoming publication of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. The paper, “Considerations for Complying with the ELD Mandate”, is a guide for companies to get the most return on investment from their fleets while also abiding by the new regulations.

“We understand that fleet managers have questions regarding the ELD mandate, particularly around what action they need to take and when,” said Elise Chianelli, director, safety & compliance at PeopleNet. “This white paper explains what the mandate means for the transportation industry and how companies can ensure their drivers stay safe and compliant.”

In response to improving safety within the trucking industry--in part due to hours of service (HOS) violations and fatigued drivers--the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) began the development of a mandate aimed at proposing a technology solution that will help reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

The final rule, expected to be announced in late November, will require the use of ELDs to electronically record a driver’s record of duty status (RODS), which includes HOS, as opposed to recording manually with paper logbooks.

The ELD mandate will hold motor carriers and drivers to the foremost safety standards while removing the highest risk drivers, vehicles and carriers from the road. It is expected to affect approximately 3.1 million trucks and 3.4 million drivers.

Some topics PeopleNet’s ELD white paper explores include what the proposed mandate entails, the functions and features of ELDs, as well as advice on how to plan a successful implementation of these devices into existing systems.

To download a copy of the white paper, please visit PeopleNet’s ELD resource page, which also includes additional content about the mandate: