Titan Logix to release the Titan Visi-OIL product line

June 3, 2015

Titan Logix Corp, an advanced technology industrial instrumentation and controls company, announces the upcoming release of the latest technology designed and built for fluid gauging and control in stationary tanks in the industrial marketplace.

This new product line provides stationary tank owners the ability to gauge a wide variety of fluids in harsh and remote environments. The probes are intrinsically safe and can be installed in hazardous locations. The first product in the new line is the Visi-OIL, particularly suited to stationary tanks in the oil and gas industry.

"We are excited to announce this new product line," said Titan's President and Chief Executive Officer Greg McGillis. "The Visi-OIL as well as the future products in the line will enable us to more fully serve the stationary tank market, particularly in the energy industry. It is part of our fluid gauging and overfill prevention solution that meets the needs of the stationary tank market as our market leading TD80 product line does for mobile tankers. The Visi-OIL is the next step in the roll out of our complete 'In the Field, On the Road and In the Office' advanced technology fluid management solution."

Visi-OIL probes are easily installed in virtually any tank due to their innovative mounting design. The probes can be installed in a wide variety of tank openings allowing for retrofits into existing tanks with little to no modification. Innovative mounting and power options also enable controllers, displays and communications systems to be mounted on existing sites simply and easily.

The Visi-OIL product line includes displays, data collection, communication and control components that allow both onsite and remote personnel to view tank levels at a glance along with alarm condition indication and options for overfill prevention. Even the most remote locations are not an obstacle for the Titan Visi-OIL system as satellite based communications options ensure data can be collected from virtually anywhere. Battery and solar power options also increase the flexibility of where the Visi-OIL system can be installed and operate.

The Titan Logix team will be in Calgary AB, Canada, at the Global Petroleum Show June 9-11, 2015 to unveil the Visi-OIL to show attendees and take initial orders. Access www.titanlogix.com for more information.