OPW, Titan Cloud Software partner on fuel management solution

March 11, 2015

OPW, a Dover Company and the global leader in fluid-handling solutions, has partnered with Titan Cloud Software to deploy a comprehensive, cloud-based fuel management software platform that is compatible with tank gauges from every major ATG manufacturer.

“This solution will leverage the strengths of both companies--OPW as a leader in retail petroleum equipment and Titan as a leader in cloud-based fuel and environmental management applications--to bring a best-in-class cloud-based solution to petroleum marketers,” said Pete Neil, OPW Fuel Management Systems tank gauge product manager. “In the face of today’s cyber-attacks, this solution will also come with a level of security far exceeding anything currently offered in the industry.”

The new fuel management offering will provide a complete fuel-site monitoring and compliance platform for petroleum marketers, including:

• Inventory monitoring and reporting

• Fuel delivery monitoring and reporting

• Alarm monitoring and reporting

• Compliance automation

• ISD monitoring and reporting

• Inventory reconciliation reporting

• Flow rate monitoring

• On-demand ATG polling

With this new partnership, OPW and Titan will continue to collaborate to further enhance the already full-featured cloud-based fuel management solution. Additional details about software features, as well as a target release date, will be communicated in the coming weeks.

For more information about OPW’s industry-leading fuel management solutions, please visit www.opwglobal.com. To learn more about Titan Cloud Software, please visit www.titancloud.com