Wearable early warning driver fatigue detector could save lives

Jan. 7, 2015

Impecca launched The Alert Band during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. The device is a wearable early- warning Bluetooth fatigue detector band that attaches to the driver’s forehead to sense fatigue and help prevent accidents. 

The Alert Band monitors and analyzes brainwaves, sending real-time notifications and alarms to the driver’s smartphone, family and friends, as well as social networks, three to five minutes before the driver begins to doze off and fall asleep.  The notification and alarm are intended to wake him up and are designed to save lives.

The Alert Band uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect to the driver’s iOS or Android smartphone, transferring raw data collected by The Alert Band’s forehead sensors and transmitting the data to its app on the smartphone. The Alert Band features a smartphone app that uses a numbering system, from 0 to 100 to indicate the user’s fatigue level, sending out an alert when the driver’s fatigue level is too high. Zero indicates fully awake and 100 means you should not be driving. A score of 80 or higher is considered dangerous, and the driver should stop driving and take a rest immediately.

User-friendly, Light-weight and comfortable for long periods of use, The Alert Band fatigue detector is essential for all long distance drivers, including truck, taxi, subway, and bus drivers, sales people, vacationers, commuters, and anyone else that operates a vehicle, boat, or plane for long periods of time, including pilots, boaters, and people who have sleep-deficiency related problems, such as insomnia or sleep apnea. 

The Alert Band Key Features:

•    Wearable fatigue detector monitors driver’s alertness.

•    Sends real-time alerts and notifications.

•    Light-weight, easily attaches to forehead.

•    Comfortable to wear for long periods.

•    Made of safe materials.

•    User-friendly.

•    Uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect to Android or iOS smartphones.

•    Includes App which provides a score of 0 (fully awake) to 100 (don’t drive). 80 is considered dangerous, take a rest or stop driving immediately.

•    Includes long-lasting rechargeable 20 hour battery.

•    Years of testing with hundreds of participants on a simulator.

•    Over 90% accurate.

The Alert Band will be available May 2015 through major retailers, Impecca.com, and online, priced at $249.99. 

For more information, see www.impecca.com.