OPW adds user-selectable prompt to Petro Vend 100

Sept. 17, 2014

OPW, a Dover Company, has added a predefined prompt to the Petro Vend 100 Fuel Control System that collects additional user data for enhanced management of fuel inventories.

 “Commercial fuel site managers now have a greater ability to customize their Petro Vend 100 Fuel Control Systems,” says OPW Fuel Control Product Manager Orlando Hernandez. “By prompting users to enter additional information such as a driver ID or odometer reading, fleet managers can more meticulously monitor and manage their fuel consumption and improve the fuel economy for the vehicles in the fleet.”

 Fuel site managers can choose from one of 10 available user-selectable prompts for the Petro Vend 100:

 •    Miscellaneous 1

•    Miscellaneous 2

•    Hub

•    Trip Number

•    Trailer Number

•    Account Number

•    Odometer

•    Purchase Order

•    Driver ID

•    Vehicle Number

 The prompt can be up to 10 digits in length, and can be assigned to a single user or multiple users. The user-selectable predefined prompt is standard to the Petro Vend 100 Base System.

 For more information regarding OPW or any of its products, please visit www.OPWGlobal.com.