PeopleNet integrates with Titan Logix

May 6, 2014

PeopleNet announced that it is the first provider of complete fleet mobility technology to integrate with Titan Logix Corp’s TD80 mobile liquid-level gauging system for mobile tankers, using the company’s new Finch II advanced display/controller.

Randy Boyles, PeopleNet senior vice-president, tailored solutions, said, “This integration makes an expanding set of data from Titan Logix system available through PeopleNet to automate end-to-end fluid management workflow. It kicks off a slew of possibilities for carriers to improve efficiencies in their tanker fleet operation. Data also can be transmitted to back-office systems for processing and reporting through the PeopleNet Link.”

Initially, new Titan Logix data available through PeopleNet will include time that loading begins and ends, level information from single or both compartments at regular intervals that can be adjusted by the customer, alarm information from both compartments, time that the system was acknowledged or bypassed, and error events. In the future, the information collected could expand to offset calibration adjustment made by the driver, notification of fill or fall alarm level changes, notification of a connected horn that has been bypassed, log of hardware configuration setting changes, and log of relay programming settings changes.

As integration progresses, liquid-level readings from the Titan Logix in-cab display will be electronically transmitted to the PeopleNet onboard computer. This computer will then transmit this data via PeopleNet’s mobile communications (cellular, satellite, and WiFi) to the customer’s back office system providing up-to-the-minute tank levels to fleet dispatchers and managers as well as facilitating historical trend and utilization reporting.

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