Solimar's 25th anniversary recalls aeration innovation

Sept. 1, 2010
The year 2010 marks Solimar Pneumatics' 25th year of serving the bulk powder industry. Solimar has grown from one man's innovative idea of the original

The year 2010 marks Solimar Pneumatics' 25th year of serving the bulk powder industry. Solimar has grown from one man's innovative idea of the original disk style fluidizer/aerator in 1985, to a brand recognized worldwide with a range of products designed to solve powder handling problems.

As with most significant innovations, the Solimar story begins with an individual who had a better idea. The company is named for its founder, Keith Solimar, who as the chief engineer for Butler Manufacturing in the 1970s experienced every issue facing the movement of powders. After Butler closed its doors, he started a tool and die company in St Paul MN. The relationships he built at Butler kept him connected with the powder industry, with numerous past customers looking for help in solving their material handling problems. It was not long before Solimar hit the idea for a better silicone disk aerator. His conviction in this method led him to begin Solimar Pneumatics in 1985.

The Solimar disk fluidizer has repeatedly proven to be one of the most effective solutions to discharging dry powders from trailers, railcars, silos, hoppers, and bins. The fluidizer line has grown to include foodgrade applications, EPDM disks, high-temperature disks, and mini disks. Solimar says its fluidizers are the standard by which others are measured. No fluidizer lasts longer, is more durable, or unloads faster than Solimar, according to the company.

Historically, the aeration medium in dry bulk trailers or industrial silos had been fabric, which becomes less efficient over time. Condensation and product fines slowly plug the fabric and constrict the air flow. This reduced productivity and added to wasted downtime while cleaning and drying the fabric. Today, customers have a choice with the Solimar fluidizer. Solimar disks will not plug nor absorb moisture. Air escaping from under the silicone disk provides aeration to the powder, and the gentle vibration of the hopper wall assists in the discharge of the powder.

Solimar Pneumatics provides a wide variety of components, from fluidizers, to manhole covers, filters, check valves, custom hopper bottoms, fluidizer control systems, hopper access doors, and external mounting kits. Solimar products are used with hundreds of different bulk material types in more than 70 countries.

Although Solimar is retired, he takes great pride in his contributions to the industry. He and his wife, Karen, live near the Minneapolis MN area, and he often stops by the office to either say hi or kick around another invention he's just thought up.

Solving problems and satisfying customers is a result of Solimar having experienced staff specialized in moving powder and bulk solids. It remains a Minnesota-based company and can be contacted at 1-800-233-7109 or by visiting